The mission statement of our Academy

To deliver professional Source Energy Practitioner Training

To empower Practitioners to deliver Hands-on and Distant Healing®

and Wisdom® Guidance Card sessions

To help clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with empathy and integrity

Healing® & Guidance card Training Academy UK

Jillian and her personally trained Ambassadors will be pleased to empower you to become a Source Energy Healing® Practitioner and/or a Source Energy Wisdom® Guidance Card Practitioner with the Academy.

These six-day training courses will empower you to deliver professional Source Energy Healing® or Wisdom® Guidance Card sessions.  Contact the relevant Ambassador for a course prospectus and application form.

Training Courses

Due to the current CoVid19 virus, we are not able to offer you Practitioner training at the present time. This will resume as soon as possible. Please email Jillian on to register your interest and we will let you know as soon as we are able to resume training.

In the meantime, our Practitioners are available to send you Source Energy Healing, contact one of them to organise your Healing session.

Our Phone Numbers

Phone: 01926 851 898

Mobile: 07989 676 648

Our Email Addresses

Our Email Addresses