The mission statement of our Academy

To deliver professional Source Energy Practitioner Training on-line and face to face

To empower Practitioners to deliver Hands-on and Distant Healing®

and Wisdom® Guidance Card sessions

To help clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with empathy and integrity

About the Academy Of Source Energy
Healing® and wisdom® UK

Source Energy Healing® is a gentle, yet profound, healing system that goes to the source, the root and cause of an issue whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual so that clients can move forward on their own unique soul path.

It connects people to who they truly are, as well as re-charging their batteries.  Many people have described it as an inner glow filling them with positive energy.  It is also very relaxing and excellent for relieving stress.

Wherever you are in the world you can enjoy a Source Energy Healing session with one of our professionally trained Practitioners.

An image showing some of our guidance cards

Guidance Cards

Source Energy Wisdom® Guidance Cards are ‘Windows to Enlightenment’ helping you to work with the Masters: Mary Magdalena, John the Baptist, Sananda, Mary, Kuthumi and Melchizedek and receive guidance about your next steps and your life in general.

You will be able to connect with your own soul/life journey, whilst at the same time overcoming life challenges to enable you to awaken to your soul purpose.  You will be guided and shown how to make your life filled with abundance and joy by living each moment in the present, aware of your heart-to-heart connection to "All That Is".

Jilly, the Founder of Source Energy Healing® and Wisdom® and her personally trained Academy Ambassadors, will be pleased to teach you how you can become a Practitioner of Source Energy Healing and/or the Source Energy Wisdom Guidance Cards.  You will find the training dates and locations on the Training page, together with the relevant Ambassadors' details.

"Jillian, I am so grateful, just one treatment and I feel so much better. This is truly transformational, thank you so much!" - LS

"What a fabulous new healing method! I can thoroughly recommend it, both as distant and hands-on healing. Thank you Jillian!" - CS

"Source Energy Healing has really helped me so much. I have been able to move forward with my life easily and smoothly, before I was stuck and confused." - EA

An image of Jillian Stott

Introducing Jilly Stott

Jilly feels very honoured and privileged that she has reconnected with Source Energy that she very safely stored away in the twelfth century.  It is helping people on their own unique soul journey at this important time, as well as helping the Earth itself.

In August 2014 Jilly, with her husband Peter, were guided to France where they were led to several ancient sites where Jilly was able to re-connect with this fabulous energy that has been used since the time of the Essenes.

Jilly has used it extensively since September 2014 and her clients have been amazed at the wonderful healings that have been achieved with this gentle, yet profound method, helping them to move forward on their own unique journey with optimism, clarity and ease.

Jilly and Peter also work together to clear energy in people and places and advise on Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. Find out more here