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Source Energy Healing -
A gentle yet profound healing experience based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire with international clients all around the world

Source Energy Healing based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, is a fabulous new gentle yet profound healing system. It works on the individual cells of the body to give you the perfect healing to help you move forward in your life and bring healing to the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Wherever you are in the world you can receive Source Energy Healing. Jillian and the other Practitioners have clients in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa, India, America and throughout Europe.
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Source Energy Healing

Source Energy Healing is excellent for helping you move forward in your life, clearing and healing the past and releasing the block so that you can follow your true path. It brings light and healing to all aspects of the mind, body, spirit and the emotions, as well as working on the chakras, meridians, all body structures and the aura.

Each treatment is unique to you, gently healing, inspiring and filling the body with Divine light and enabling clients to 'stand in their power' with strength, compassion and vision.

Clients have described it as enabling them to be very positive and happy as well as feeling much younger.

Our Source Energy Healing Ambassadors will be able to train you to be a Hands-on and Distant Practitioner with Source Energy Healing.  Current courses on the Training page.
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Jillian Stott

Introducing Jillian Stott

Jillian Stott feels very honoured that she has had Source Energy Healing returned to her to help people on their own unique journey at this important time.  

Jillian was guided to go on a journey to France with her husband Peter in August 2014. They were led to several ancient sites where Jillian was re-connected with this ancient wisdom that is once again available to humanity.

Back in the UK Jillian has used Source Energy Healing extensively since September 2014 and has been amazed at the wonderful responses from her clients. They have been enthralled by the strength and gentleness of the healing and how it has given them exactly the right level of energy, light and enthusiasm to move forward on their own unique life journey. It is connecting people to who they truly are, as well as re-charging their batteries. Many people have described it as an inner glow filling them with wonderful positive energy. It is also very relaxing and excellent for effective stress relief.

Wherever you are in the world you can arrange your own healing session with Jillian or one of the other Source Energy Healing Practitioners by clicking below. 

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A one hour Source Energy Healing session 
Hands on, Remote or via Skype: £60

A half hour Source Energy Healing session 
Hands on, Remote or via Skype: £33
To arrange your own incredibly powerful healing session 
contact Jillian Stott 
or one of the Source Energy Healing Practitioners
Call 01926 851 898
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