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Source Energy Healing Training in Kenilworth

Would you like to learn how to be a Source Energy Healing Practitioner?
We offer training courses designed to enable you become a Hands on and Distant Practitioner. 

Practitioner Training Courses

Source Energy Healing works just as effectively as Distant Healing, Healing via Skype, or as Hands on Healing. 

Jillian Stott, Elaine Findlay, Jula White, Lesle Ayre and Penelope Lowther are all Ambassadors of Source Energy Healing, which qualifies them to teach you to be a Hands-on and Distant Practitioner with Source Energy Healing.     

Practitioner Training Dates

Hands-on Practitioner (H)    8 - 9 and 15 - 16 July       Fareham Creek Portsmouth   Leslé
Combined Practitioner (H&D)      11- 16 July                         Warwickshire              Jillian

Distant Practitioners (D)              22 - 23 July              Fareham Creek Portsmouth    Leslé

Combined Practitioner (H&D)    30 July - 4 Aug -         Fareham Creek Portsmouth    Leslé       
Combined Practitioner (H&D)      12 - 17 Sept                        Warwickshire              Jillian

Hands-on Practitioner (H)   16 - 17 and 23 - 24 Sept    West Midlands        Elaine and Jula

Combined Practitioner (H&D)      17 - 22 Sept              Fareham Creek Portsmouth    Leslé

Distant Practitioner (D)             30 Sept - 1 Oct           West Midlands        Jula and Elaine

Combined Practitioner (H&D)       17 - 22 Oct                      Warwickshire                Jillian

Combined Practitioner (H&D)       14 - 19 Nov                    Warwickshire                 Jillian

The Hands-on Source Energy Healing Practitioner Training is four days and the Distant Practitioner training is two days (you need to complete the Hands-on course first).

To train as a Source Energy Healing Practitioner please contact the relevant teacher or contact Jillian on 07989 676 648 or email
for full details and an application form.

We look forward to hearing from you
Jillian, Jula, Elaine, Leslé and Penelope
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To book your place on any of these Source Energy Healing Practitioner courses 
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