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PJ Energy Solutions

Feng Shui, Dowsing and Chinese Astrology throughout the UK and Europe 

Our sister company based in Kenilworth : PJ Energy Solutions offers professional expertise, knowledge and experience in a variety of areas including Feng Shui, Dowsing and Geopathic Stress treatment and Chinese Astrology. 
Our client base is throughout the UK and Europe.
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Our other services include:

Authentic Feng Shui: a detailed assessment of your home and / or business using both the Form and Compass methods to give powerful solutions that will enhance all areas of your life.       

Chinese Astrology: by looking in detail at the year, month, day and hour that you were born, we are able to give you detailed advice that will transform your life and help you to make positive steps forward in all areas.   
Detailed Personal Yearly Forecast: your own unique personal forecast for the year ahead to help you maximise all the auspicious features and minimise all the less auspicious features of the year. Also make great presents. Orders now being taken.

Dowsing: using this ancient method, we are able to assess all areas of your home and business to determine where energetic changes need to be made.

Geopathic Stress: we are able to harmonise detrimental energies that affect homes and businesses, thus also helping all areas of your lives.
Home & Business Harmonising: using all the many methods available to us, we will help you to improve all areas of your lives and harmonise your home and / or business.

Crystals: we have a range of crystals for sale and can obtain the perfect crystal for you if we do not have it in stock.

Please view our sister website for more details:
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For more information on your detailed Personal Yearly Forecast, Feng Shui, Dowsing and Crystals
Call 01926 851 898
or 07989 676 648 (Jillian) or 07989 675 971 (Peter)
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